Overall Costs and Expenses when Buying and Selling Property

When it comes to selling and or buying you have additional fees and charges.  These charges can vary depending on your budget such as removalist costs ,mortgagee fees and charges, however some fees are standard.  Feel free to use our On Time Conveyancing Cost Calculator (Excel worksheet will automatically download for you to calculate your expenses).

On Time Conveyancing charge a flat rate inclusive of attending to your Mortgagee, all Disbursements and GST.  Due to low overheads, On Time Conveyancing will provide you a quality service at a cost effective price.

Disbursements on a Sale include –

  • Full Title Vendor Search
  • S10.7 (2) Zoning Certificate
  • Drainage Diagram
  • Sewer Mains Diagram

Disbursements on a Purchase include –

  • Relevant Government Searches – undertaken following exchange
  • Settlement fee
  • Final Search Fee

So what are our fees?

SALE$1,400.00An up front fee of $250.00 is required and the balance of $1,150.00 is payable on settlement *
PURCHASE$1,475.00An amount of $200.00 is payable following exchange of contracts and the balance $1,275.00 is payable on settlement**

Prices are correct as 1st January 2022 and are subject to change at any time.
^Additional fees payable for Settlement
*There may be an additional charge of $80.00 for certificates dependent on which Council area you are in.
** Additional Fees Charged if in a Mine Subsidence Area or if  a Certificate of Currency is required – strata property