Now that you have found the property you would like to purchase, what's next?

Once you have found the property that suits your needs, make an offer with the Real Estate agent.

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Your offer does not need to be writing however an agent may request that you put it in writing. This written offer does not constitute an agreement even if accepted by the vendor.

You may be fortunate in having your offer accepted immediately however you may have to make further offers until such time as the vendor accepts your final offer.

Instruct On Time Conveyancing to act on your behalf

Once your offer is accepted your agent shall request your contact details, street address and On Time Conveyancing details. We recommend you instruct our office while you are negotiating or immediately once your offer has been accepted so we may assist in the next step. You can provide us with your instructions:  CLICK HERE

The next four processes occur normally simultaneously


Ready to buy?

Pre Purchase Inspection Reports

Once your offer has been accepted we recommend you obtain a Pest and Building Inspection Report. When deciding on a satisfactory inspector you should ensure that they are fully insured and licensed.
On Time Conveyancing are able to provide contact details for several reliable inspectors on the Central Coast to inspect the property for you.
If you are buying a Strata Property we will also recommend you inspect the Strata Records. This gives you an insight into the owners corporation and the strata managers and how the history of the complex has been maintained.
Further Inspection reports are Survey Reports, Building Certificates and Swimming Pool Compliance / Inspection reports.
On Time Conveyancing can assist in you obtaining any pre purchase inspection reports. These reports should be obtained prior to you unconditionally exchanging contracts or prior to your cooling off period expiring.

Obtain your unconditional finance approval

You may have your finance approved in principle however prior to your cooling off period expiring or exchanging contracts unconditionally you need to ensure your finance is unconditionally approved. That means your finance company has issued an approval in writing to provide you with finance to purchase your property for the correct purchase price.

Having your financier issue unconditional finance approval will quite often require a valuation to be carried out. This will ensure the bank is satisfied the purchase price is according to their requirements and to any mortgage insurer requirements.

If you require assistance with obtaining your finance we have several mortgage brokers and bankers we work closely with on a daily basis we would be more than happy to provide you with their contact details.

Have On Time Conveyancing Review and discuss the Contract for Sale of Land with you

It is necessary for you to discuss the contract with our Licensed Conveyancer, Jade O’Donnell. This is to ensure you are buying the property you want to buy and to ensure you can use the property the way you intend on.

Jade will discuss and explain the contract in plain English and ensure you understand every aspect of the contract, including any special conditions in the contract, title dealings and zoning of the property.

Jade will also assist in further negotiations with the vendor.

Exchange Contracts

Exchange of Contracts can occur one of two ways –


Exchange subject to a cooling off period – once your offer has been accepted your real estate agent will request that you sign a Contract for Sale of Land and pay an initial deposit of 0.25% deposit. You will normally have 5 business days in accordance with legislation where you should ensure you have had your pre purchase inspection reports and your finance is unconditionally approved during this time. If you decide you do not want to proceed with the purchase you may rescind the contract during the cooling off period (the 5 business days), however if you do this please be aware you will forfeit the 0.25% deposit to the vendor.


Conveyancer exchange with a S66W Certificate – once your offer has been accepted the agent will forward documentation to our office. We shall arrange a time for you to attend our office or at a mutually convenient location to discuss the contract. Jade will ensure that you are satisfied with the results of your pre-purchase inspection reports, your finance is unconditionally approved and then attend to exchanging contracts. However once contracts are exchanged, Jade shall waive your right to a cooling off period. This process can normally take between 7 – 10 business days dependent on your finance approval. Please note that until contracts exchange the vendor can sell the property to another purchaser.

Between Exchange and Settlement / Completion

On Time Conveyancing shall carry out a number of property enquiries and converse with your incoming mortgagee and the vendor’s solicitor to ensure settlement occurs smoothly.

During this time –

  1. You have signed all necessary mortgage documents either with our office or your banker.
  2. You have arranged for building and insurance policy to commence from the date of your settlement.
  3. Connect any and all services required (being gas electricity telephone internet etc).  Most service providers require two weeks to ensure this occurs.  On Time Conveyancing has partnered with My Connect, a free service which allows you to connect with the service provider you would like to connect with.  Please click on MY CONNECT to obtain a form to complete and fax/email direct to My Connect.
  4. Most importantly you should pack and arrange your removalists.


In NSW a Standard Contract for Sale normally has completion required within 42 days. Therefore completion shall occur within 6 weeks from the date you exchange Contracts.

You should note that if you exchange under a cooling off period your completion date is calculated from the date of exchange not from when your cooling off period expires.

Completion normally occurs between 12.00 noon and 3.00pm on the day of settlement. You will be entitled to the keys to the property you have purchased immediately after completion has occurred.

Day of Settlement

As a purchaser you are entitled to have a pre settlement inspection of the property anytime 3 days prior to settlement.  You should make this appointment with the agent at least the week prior.

We strongly recommend that you inspect the property the morning of settlement, this way you can ensure that the property is vacant or that the vendor is showing signs of moving (ie: removalist truck is out the front and being loaded)

Settlement shall normally occur within 30 minutes of your scheduled time once we are aware settlement has occurred we shall telephone you immediately and you may collect the keys from the agent’s office to start moving in.

If your settlement occurs electronically you will be notified immediately in order to collect keys from the agent’s office.