Now that I have decided to sell my home, what's next?

Provide Instructions to your Licensed Conveyancer – On Time Conveyancing

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In order for On Time Conveyancing to prepare a Contract for you or your nominated agent we’ll require our detailed vendor questionnaire to be completed.  We ask questions up front in order to ensure the Contract is prepared correctly and there are no concerns at the time of signing contracts.  If you would like to complete our vendor questionnaire Click Here

Once you have completed the questionnaire and submitted the same we will contact you within 2 business hours.  If you have any questions when completing the questionnaire please feel free to ring our office or you are always welcome to drop into the office.

Don’t forget you will need to be identified. If you are unable to attend our office please print this form and take to your local Post Office.

Ready to sell?

Do I need to I use an Agent to sell my home?

The short answer to this question is NO.  You can sell your home privately.  If you decide to sell your home privately you still need to have a Contact for Sale of Land for the property drafted and available prior to marketing the property for sale.

Why should I use a real estate agent?

A Licensed Real Estate Agent should do all the hard work for you.  Although you will still have the final decision, a real estate agent will arrange for the marketing campaign, they will organise the photographer, they will arrange the advertisement both print and internet.  The agent will help you or suggest ways to market your home for sale.

The agent also quiet often has a database that you do not have access to.  This database is a list of purchasers normally qualified and ready to purchase a property.  Most importantly the agent is the negotiator, you can be honest with your agent and your agent will do the best for you in getting the top dollar for the property.

A Licensed Real Estate Agent will be the mediator when coming to negotiations and will help take the stress out of selling a property.

Decide on a Real Estate Agent

When it comes to selling your family home, your investment property or your vacant block of land there are always a reason as to why you are selling.  When you are deciding on an agent make sure he/she or their office understands why you are selling.  This should help the agent in making the best suggestions as to how to market the property for sale.  Once you have told the agent why you are selling, pick the agent that doesn’t offer you the best price or the one that is the most glamorous, but the one that you feel the most comfortable with.

Once Contract is completed

Once your contract is completed it shall be provided either to yourself or to your nominated Real Estate Agent. At which point the marketing can commence for you to find the purchaser that matches with your house.  Once you accept an offer you can proceed down two different avenues – Have the agent arrange for the purchaser to sign a contract, or wait.  You and the purchaser sign a contract and contracts are exchanged.  The purchaser normally has one to two weeks (5 to 10 business days) (a cooling off period) to have their pest and building reports and finance all arranged.  Once this time passes the purchaser is unconditionally locked into the Contract.  Please note that your time under the completion date starts from the date contracts were exchanged therefore, 14 days of your 42 days could be one of uncertainty. If however you decide to wait, you or the purchaser do not have any contractual obligation to proceed/continue with the purchase until contracts are officially exchanged.  The purchaser could take a week or a month to exchange.  Your 42 days under your completion period will only start once Contracts have exchanged.

Between Exchange and Settlement

On Time Conveyancing will attend to arranging for your discharging mortgagee to attend settlement and for your mortgage to be paid out on settlement. We shall proceed towards and attend settlement on your behalf.  You will not be required to attend settlement.

Don’t forget to contact your service providers and have your services organised for disconnection.  Please feel free to complete this form for My Connect to arrange for reconnecting services at no extra cost and with the provider you are after.

Day of Settlement

The purchaser is entitled to a pre-purchase settlement  inspection.  This inspection is normally carried out the morning of settlement to ensure that the property is vacant (or on the way to being vacant) and in the same condition it was in at the time of exchange.  Settlement occurs between 12.00 noon and 3.00 pm.  You are required to provide vacant possession on the day of settlement.  If you are required to settle at 2.00pm you are required to be out of the house by 1.55pm.  We shall then call you within 30 minutes to confirm settlement has occurred.