On time conveyancing services

At On Time Conveyancing you will receive:

  • Personal, Friendly, Conveyancing Service
  • Marketing Contracts issued within 12 hours of receipt of instructions
  • Contract Negotiation and Advice
  • Updates relating to your conveyance via mail, email, sms text
  • A Certified Practicing Conveyancer

What is a Licensed Conveyancer?

A Licensed Conveyancer obtains his or her Conveyancing Licence through the Department of Fair Trading. However to become Licensed we must complete a recognised course, have obtained conveyancing experience and hold professional indemnity insurance, before the Department of Fair Trading will issue a licence.  As a Licensed Conveyancer Jade O’Donnell is also required to carry out continuing education to ensure her knowledge is continually updated.

As A Licensed Conveyancer Jade O’Donnell can provide you with legal advice in relation to any property transaction, whether purchasing, selling, refinancing, leases or mortgages.  Jade O’Donnell is able to provide assistance in vacant land, residential house, strata units, rural property, commercial property and retirement villages.

Australian Institute of Conveyancers (NSW Division)

On Time Conveyancing is a  member of The Australian Institute of Conveyancers (NSW Division) and also abides by the Institutes Code of Conduct.

The Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW Division  also conducts a program known as the CPC Program which is a quality standard designed to give consumers the ability to distinguish those licensed conveyancers providing a high standard of service and employing quality conveyancing practices in an increasingly crowded and confusing market.

CPC accreditation provides an approved member with a level of credibility with other conveyancers, legal practitioners, lenders, brokers, insurers and consumers based upon that member’s:

  • integritycentral-coast-conveyancing-services
  • adherence to good practice management standards
  • adherence to prudent and efficient conveyancing procedures through the CPC program protocol
  • increased standard of service
  • increased levels of knowledge and experience

certified practising conveyancer nsw

Jade O’Donnell is proud that she recognised as being a Certified Practicing Conveyancer and displays the logo proudly.